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Artifacts For Sale

Mountain Howitzer Pack Saddle Equipment

The Pack Saddle Equipment offered here was recreated in the early 1980's and saw limited use in parades and demonstrations. The original plan was to complete all three saddles and do a demonstration of the packing. It was soon realized that finding pack animals suited to this activity was unrealistic here in Michigan. Towing was all we had the nerve to try, after some limited trials with skittish animals.

The equipment , so far as it was completed, was copied from an original pack saddle, acquired from Bannerman Island in 1965. The 1848 Mordeci drawings were also used. The new thills were widened three inches to accommodate our animals, after we found the originals would not fit available animals. Other than that they are exact copies of an original pair of thills, which came off Bannermans in the 1950's with an original 1861 dated Pack Carriage.

The completed saddle, and thills.

Used saddle

Another view of the saddle

Unfinished saddle frames, no iron or leather.

All frames were made from white oak by a retired prototype woodworker, from the La-Z-Boy Chair Company, here in Monroe MI

Underside of the saddle. Note there is a small tear in the leather skirt caused by a pressure point during storage.

Close up of the tear. Should accept a patch easily

Remains of a British Block Trail Field Gun Carriage SOLD

The carriage is said to have come into the US from India about the time of the Civil War Centennial. (1961-1965). It came without wheels or gun tube and a West Coast gunsmith adapted it for common wagon wheels and built a steel gun tube from 90mm rifled military surplus gun tube, to fit the carriage. About ten years later it was sold to a Michigan buyer as part of a larger collection.

I had hopes that the original gun was a Blakley or Whitworth product and began to negotiate for it. Photos of it before fire damage are provided here. Some months after I took the photos, the building it was stored in burned. I later bought the remains anyway.

After a long search I have determined that the original gun for this was a Bronze 9pdr Muzzleloading Rifle. They were made in England after 1867, for issue to Indian Colonial Artillery. An original gun of this type, without carriage, can be seen in the Royal Armouries , Ft. Nelson, UK.

The carriage remains are offered as-is and I will provide copies of the photos taken before the fire damage. I have removed one of the axle adaptors to study the original tapered spindle, which has had some material cut off during the previous modification.

I am asking $3,500 for these original remains of a very rare carriage.

Generic Replica Muzzle Loading Gun Tube SOLD

The reproduction gun tube appears to be well made but not a correct copy of the 9 pdr British tube. As you can see in the photos, it has some similarity to the lines of both a US Ordnance rifle and the Napoleon but does not agree with either in caliber.

Asking $2,500 for this large cannon barrel, as is.