The More Complete Cannoneer is sold out. You may be able to get copies from some specialty book dealers on-line.  However, Museum and Collector Specialties has an expanded Fourth edition planned for release in late 2015 that will be available from this site postage paid.  We now offer the option of online PayPal / Credit Card payment via email invoicing.  Place your orders by sending us an email.  This hardcover book remains the most comprehensive source of information on modern use of historic artillery.

Read book reviews of the More Complete Cannoneer fromAmerican Rifleman Magazine and Arms Collecting (Canadian Journal of Arms Collectors)

Part I consists of 63 pages of facsimilie reprint from an 1861 privately printed artillery drill manual. It was designed to train new volunteer artillery officers in the School of the Piece. Unlike the official government manual, it is well illustrated showing the correct positions for gun crew.

Part II, Chapter l is on traditional gun tube design and the variations observed on replica cannon made since 1950, which do not meet traditional standards.

Chapter two deals with carriages, replication and maintanence, including wheel repair.

Chapter three deals with ammunition in a modern context, including currently available powder granulations and pressure tests conducted in the late 1980’s.

Remaining chapters deal with Service of the Gun, as adapted to current conditions, 18th Century Gun Drill, Use of Mortars, Use of Early Breechloaders. Additional appendixes deal with use of small models, safety rules from two national organizations, and an extensive annotated bibliography.

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