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The complete catalog features descriptions and spare parts for:
Field guns: US M184l, carriages No. 1,2, and 3
Mountain Howitzer, M1836, Pack Carriage
1851 Prairie Carriage
1861 Prairie Carriage
Mountain Rifle Hotchkiss M1876, 2pdr
Field guns: US M1885/97 3.2″ BLR
US M 1902, 3 Inch
US M1897, 75mm, (French)
Limbers: US M1841, for carriages No.1 and larger
Prairie Carriage, ca. 1851 and 1861
US M 1885, for 3.2″ BLR
US 75 mm 1917, Battery Stores

Misc Parts: Flint Cannon Locks ca 1800-1830
USN 12 pdr Boat Howitzer
USN 3″ BLR M1876
USN 3″ BLR M1895
German, 1896-1918

Cassion: US M1841, for carriages No.l and larger 

Traveling Forge (for No. l, etc carriage system)

Carriages in process: 
1776 3 Pdr Congreve Carriage
M1836, US No. l 
Battery Wagon, US, M1841
Hotchkiss 37mm Revolving
Gatling/Colt Carriage 1874

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